Finbar O’Neill’s Hunting Biography

Since the dawn of humanity, people have always hunted as a way to survive as well as a way to hone the necessary skills for warfare. Ireland was obviously no exception to this rule and the seeds of a hunting culture were planted as soon as the early Irish began exploiting the island for its natural resources. Finbar O’Neill was born in and raised with this strong hunting culture and fell in love with it at an early age. As he grew older, he became more involved and more skilled in hunting and it has remained a passion of his throughout his entire life.finbar_o'neill

There are a number of types of traditional hunting as well as prey in Ireland. The most commonly known throughout the world is the British tradition of the fox hunt that crossed over the Ireland. Riding on horses and using dogs to both track and corner their prey, hunters search through the forest looking for foxes, a pest in the region. There are also a number of animals that have been specifically bred for hunting. The Irish wolfhound was bred to hunt wolves in the same manner that foxes are hunted and are still used to hunt deer and other larger game. The Irish setter was bred to be a pointer dog for hunting game birds, another tradition form of hunting in Ireland. Deer hunting is yet another traditional form of hunting, as well as happening to be Finbar O’Neill’s favorite.

Finbar O’Neill: Hunting Trips

Finbar O’Neill is a both a hunter and a collector of prizes. His hunting trips have taken him all around the United States, Canada, and Ireland (as well as other countries) and he has plans to continue hunting around the world. Finbar’s greatest hunting moment took place in 1999 when used his Irish luck to hunt a 14 point buck that scored 163 B&C. His kill was so impressive that Finbar actually within 27% of bucks killed that year that were over 10 points. Finbar was also featured in a number of United States hunting magazines with his prize buck and he kept the rack as a trophy. While Finbar mostly hunts deer, he also hunts other animals and collects the most impressive kills as prizes. Along with the 14 point buck, Finbar’s most impressive bags have been a moose and a hog. Both were large enough that Finbar took them as prizes so that he could forever remember the hunts. While Finbar has slowed down his hunting in recent years, he is planning to start up again. He has trips planned for a variety of different countries and hopes to add another trophy to his collection.